My life in a nutshell

My life in a nutshell
Photo by ZQ Lee / Unsplash

Hi, My name is Alondra Castro. I am a Software Engineer. Coffee lover based in the United States of America. I enjoy meeting new people and learning languages. I speak English, French, and Spanish.

I was born and raised in Mexico in a little town in the middle of nowhere but eventually, I moved to the city to study the university which is where this adventure begins.

I studied Engineering in Information and Communication Technologies. The university was a challenge, between homework, internships, trips around the world, exams, and professional work, but it had many rewards, as it allowed me to meet wonderful people and travel to various countries such as the United States, Colombia, and China for studies. I promise will share these exciting adventures in another posts.

Before graduating I started my first formal job as a software engineer part-time. fun fact, I actually got that job because I participated in a hackathon where with my team we won first place, it was awesome. I eventually quit, to dedicate myself to my startup, I was so excited and full of energy but this stage was one of the most difficult, not because of the entrepreneurship itself, but because of the unpleasant people I met.

Right after I lost my startup, I decided to look for a job, I saw a post on LinkedIn that honestly seemed too good to be true, and in fact, it was. I applied, passed the interviews, and voila! They hired me. They hired me to work in Dubai, and I couldn't believe it, I couldn't sleep the day they told me. That's it, I packed my bags and said goodbye. Saying goodbye to my family was the hardest thing, especially when I saw my mom in tears but, it was already decided.

Dubai is perhaps my favorite place in the world, I am not talking about the lavish lifestyle, but about what it allowed me to know about myself and who I became.

london After 6 months in Dubai, the company I worked for transferred me to the United States of America, but before I moved I took a TrepCamp scholarship at London Imperial College, it was quite an adventure, I loved every second of it. London is amazing.

I arrived in the United States. In the beginning, It was very lonely and to some extent discouraging. I was completely alone living in a hotel, I had no friends(besides from work), no car, and no driver license. Since then I have been making my way by investing in real estate, e-commerce, crypto, and software and eventually I married a wonderful man that is my best friend.

I can't wait to share everything I do and what I have learned. Thanks for sticking until the end. Welcome!